Samantha Styled Collection

Samantha Styled Collection


This collection was inspired by spring and features 17 beautifully styled images featuring fresh florals, handmade silk ribbon, copper shears, and vintage stamps.

With your purchase, this collection includes

  • 3 Styled Envelope Images (perfect for social media!)

  • 2 Envelope + Invitation Images

  • 3 Envelope, Invitation + RSVP Images

  • 4 Full Suite Images

  • 2 Invitation + Detail Card Images

  • 2 Perspective Images of the Invitation

What makes my styled images different? I'm a stationer, too! So I know the shots you need to make your business look beautiful and professional. These 17 images can be cropped and re-used in multiple ways to make even more images for your website, social media, or to mock up your designs for clients.

My flat lays won't be available forever. I limit the sale of each collection so you'll never see hundreds of other designers with the same images as you. Your branding is essential to growing a successful business, and I'd never want you to look like everyone else.

Please note, purchase includes 17 styled images which will be delivered as jpegs. Working knowledge of photo-editing software such as photoshop will be required to overlay and/or insert your own designs.

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Q: How do I add my stationery to the image?
A: Working knowledge of a photo-editing software, such as photoshop, is required to overlay your design. With your purchase you will receive high-resolution (at least 600dpi) images on top of which you can add your design. I recommend saving a copy of your design with a transparent background to overlay for best results.

Q: Why do your collections cost more than other stock shops?
A: I know first hand how important it is in a saturated market to stand out. That’s why each collection I create is limited edition and sold to just a handful of designers. By purchasing a collection through Veraly & Company, you’re guaranteed to be one of a tens (not one of hundreds) to be using a particular image. This strategy helps protect your brand and investment, and will elevate your ideal customer’s perception of your work.

Q: What are the non-stationery styled images for?
A: Almost all of our collections come with styled images without stationery. Throughout your website and social media, these images can be used to breakup a cluttered grid, tell a cohesive brand story, and make sure you’re sharing more than just sales pitches with your audience.

Other questions or concerns? Feel free to contact Juliana anytime at

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