Linen Styling Board

Linen Styling Board

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Handmade, made-to-order styling board that will elevate your photography and provide an even, and beautiful surface to showcase your work. These styling boards are single sided, made with high quality, gorgeous linen fabrics affixed to a sturdy styling board. Colors currently available include rose gold (shown on the right, neutral light linen with a blush undertone) and gray (shown on the left, dark linen with blue undertone).

What are styling boards?

Styling boards are flat backdrops used for wedding and commercial photography.

Can I clean my styling board?

You cannot use any liquid cleaners on your styling board, but you may apply a protective spray. Dust and dirt can be brushed off. For some stains, you may use a natural, clean, rubber eraser to gently remove dirt.

Why should I order from Veraly & Company?

First and foremost, I'm a stationery designer so I know and understand the needs of other creative professionals. My styling boards are handmade with durability in mind. Because I do styled shoots, I understand that the styling board needs to be sturdy enough to hold multiple items and cannot be so lightweight that it might blow in the wind. My styling boards are made from wood canvas and arrive in a handmade linen bag for easy portability and safekeeping.

Can I order a custom styling board?

Yes! Please contact me to discuss your needs,

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