Meet Juliana

Veraly & Company founder and designer Juliana Nahas was raised in Metro-Detroit and moved to West Michigan in 2003 where she studied psychology, music performance and French. After college, she spent a year in France as an English teacher, traveling Europe, and living la belle vie

For Juliana, designing is an intimate process. Before deciding on paper or colors, she thinks about who the sender may be, what their style is, and what would make the recipient feel special. Once she’s ready to put pencil to paper, she treats each design as a piece of art and extension of her experiences. 

Questions? You are welcome to contact Juliana directly by email via our contact form or hello@veralyco.com. Juliana does her best to answer each email personally within 48 hours. 


Luxury Stationery with a Parisian Twist.

Since kindergarden, Juliana dreamt of walking the Champs-Elysee while eating a chocolate crepe. This simple, dessert inspired wish led Juliana to love all things French; champagne, macarons, and above all, l'amour. In her 20's, Juliana finally fulfilled her dream and it was without a doubt as satisfying as she had hoped. She later moved to France and continued her love affair, traveling throughout the country, spending weekends in Paris, and trying to decode that wonderful je ne sais quoi French women possess. 

It is that element of je ne sais quoi, the effortlessly chic appearance so perfectly tied with a scarf, that Juliana works to incorporates into each design. Veraly & Company's stationery reflects an artful, meticulous aesthetic that aims for perfection, but never feels over-the-top or over-designed.