order policies

Change Requests

Changes to Paper & Envelopes: 

Please make final design and paper selections for your stationery when placing an order through our website. Veraly & Co. is unable to accommodate change requests to your paper or envelope selections once an order has been placed.

Changes to Design Selections: 

Change Feeds apply when switching your selected design between different collections. Minor typographic and content changes do not incur additional fees. The Change Fees for design are as follows: 

  • Change to design selections prior to Design Phase: $100 per item
  • Change to design selections during or after Design Phase: 50% of item cost
  • Change to design after Production Phase: 100% of item cost

Change to Item Quantities:

Please confirm final quantities before placing your order; Veraly & Co. does not refund requests for lower quantities than ordered. In the event you would like to increase your item quantities by an amount less that 30, we will issue an invoice to account for this cost, including an adjustment fee of $100. If you would like to increase your order by a quantity of 30 or more, please place your order through our website.

Change Request Invoicing: 

Change Requests that incur additional fees will be invoiced and must be paid in full prior to the Fulfillment Stage of your order.


Due to the custom nature of our products, Veraly & Co. cannot offer returns or exchanges of any kind in the event of customer dissatisfaction or order cancellation. 


Your signature on the Digital Proof acts as final approval of the designs exactly as they appear within the Digital Proof. Changes requested beyond this point will incur reprinting fees. In no event will Veraly & Co. be responsible for incorrect text that has been approved by the customer. If there are errors discovered within the text after the digital proof has been approved but before the items have been sent to print, Veraly & Co. will revise the design without charge. However, if the items have already been sent to print, the customer will be responsible for the re-printing of the material at a 30% discount of the original cost of the item(s). Reprints required within less than 10 business days will incur a rush fee, calculated at 50% of the cost of each item to be reprinted. If final prints do not match the designed content represented in the Digital Proof that has been approved, we will offer a reprint of the order free of charge and without rush fees to remedy these errors. 

Ownership of Artwork

All artwork and images are owned by Veraly & Co. Veraly & Co. maintains full legal ownership of the artwork included in our printed stationery. Under no circumstances may Veraly & Co. artwork be reproduced or repurposed within any print or digital media. 


Prices listed within our website are subject to change without notice.