Styled Image of the Month: December 2018

Styled Image of the Month: December 2018


Aside from the obligatory candy canes and underwear in my Christmas stocking (wait, is the underwear thing just from my childhood?), I always received at least one giant orange and a few nuts.

I always assumed this was just something funny my mom did to make the stocking appear more full, but recently learned it’s not just my family that partakes in this sweet tradition. So, why do we put oranges in Christmas stockings?

Apparently there are a few different explanations…

  1. Going all the way back to the origins of Saint Nicolas, some say the orange represents the gold. St. Nick threw down the chimney of a poor family, and that the gold just happened to land in the stockings of the girls in the home that were conveniently drying by the fire

  2. Oranges in the north were so scarce and expensive in winter, that finding one in your stocking on Christmas morning was a huge luxury and very special treat (this is the explanation that my mom always gave)

  3. (my personal favorite) Since the holidays are a time of giving a sharing, the orange segments represent your ability to share your gifts with others

So in the holiday spirit and tradition of sharing with others, I’m excited to give you this free styled image from the Fresh Citrus collection, featuring none else than the illustrious orange.

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Enjoy, and happy holidays!



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